KSG Elements Commercial Use 4 Commercial Use TOU:

My 'Commercial Use 4 Cu' elements can only be used to sell products in small business or used for personal use.

You can:

What you can do:

You can sell what you make as commercial use or personal use items as long as the product isn't sold in it's original form.

Adding these elements 'as is' to scrap kits is allowed. But not 'as is' to sets.

Hybrid projects, S4h is allowed.

You can resize and recolour to suit your needs but you cannot recolour this set and sell as a new element set.
You cannot:

You cannont sell the element set as is. It has to be made into something else (as mentioned above).

You cannot recolour and sell as another element set.

No credit is required but appreciated.

For any more info you can contact me at kazzyau@gmail.com

My Website: http://www.karensscrapsandgraphics.com